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Hello! I’m Carla, the Creative Founder of terragraphix.

I am a brand and web designer with so much love for design, mock-ups, colors, and many more. I once dreamt of becoming a manga artist, but I don’t have excellent drawing skills haha.

But, I always believe that I have an eye for beautiful creations. Eight years ago, I never imagined myself building my own business. I always thought that I would be an employee forever (that is what society dictates).

When I decided to settle down, I was jobless for one year (one year I spent hunting for government positions haha). But, you know how the government system works (peace). However, I was thankful because whole new opportunities opened for me online.

I was a Virtual Systems Architect for 28 months, and learned a lot of skills. I was an accounting clerk, a social media manager, and a copywriter. Then, I decided to pursue designing, and terragraphix came to life.

Our Mission

Create designs that bring tremendous growth to business owners.

Our Vision

To be one of the best designers that leave imprints memorable experiences in the digital world.

Our Core Values


Know and do what is right.


Taking responsibilities at all times.


Showing 100% dedication on every task.


Being respectful to different perspectives and understand it with open communication.

Let’s level-up your business and bring massive growth to your success!

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