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Why is Branding Important?

Branding is not only important! Branding is an essential part of every business. Even if you don’t brand your business at the early stages of your journey, you unknowingly develop a brand that can repel your ideal clients. And this can hurt your business badly.

Branding is not about:
– Logo
– Colors
– Fonts
– Images
– Patterns

Branding is about:
– Your personality
– Your values
– Your beliefs
– Your uniqueness
_ Your message
– Your promise
and more of the intangible things.

Thus, if you brand your business at the early stages of your journey, you determine how you want to be perceived by your audience.

You control how to convey your message to your dream clients in a way that is unique and authentic.

So, branding is the process of visually creating intangible things about your business into tangible things.

I’ll give an example. I had a client who practices Energy light healing. She likes to call herself the “Light Language Alchemist.” Sounds mysterious, right?

She teaches an in-depth Reiki, but her vibes are easy going, gentle, and fun. She would describe her personality as soft, with a lot of colors pink, blue, white, light brown, and gold.

She mostly works with females too. So, I had to create a mood board that represents her, and she will use that mood board as a guide for her social media posts to be cohesive and on-brand.

After one day, ta-da…. here is her mood board 🙂

Mood Board Sample

And she loves it.

This mood board helped Abby to be consistent with her marketing strategies. The right people will connect with you if they understand the message that you are trying to convey.

People buy from you because they know what your values are through your branding. And having a brand cultivates trust and loyalty.

Let’s be honest…

Would you rather buy from someone who randomly posts things as if they do not have a direction? Or buy from someone who knows what he is doing?

We both know the answer!

If you haven’t branded your business yet, don’t wait for people to create their perception of who you are. Start thinking of what your brand is and create visuals for it.

It is time to let your light shine to the digital world.



P.S. If you want to get branded and launch your website to be more credible and authentic, work with me, and let’s create amazing transformations for your business.


Is Branding part of Marketing?

Branding is not the same as marketing.

Hmmm…Good question! Well, did you know that BRANDING is an essential part of MARKETING?

You may object and tell me, “I can market my products without branding” or “Branding is only for big companies, why bother.”

Well, I can’t blame you with this misconception because most of the examples given if talking about branding are those well-known brands.

But, have you ever wondered if they started big? Weren’t they suppose to start as small companies not even getting enough sales in one month until such time that they made a break?

BRANDING is creating an identity of your business/services/product and leaving a mark in your client’s minds.

You create a perception in your client’s minds and heart. It is a connection that you establish with your consumers.

Sounds pretty deep huh…

It’s okay, I’ve been there. I used to think that branding is not important, that as long as you show in your social media accounts displaying your products or services, you’re doing great.

But, that had changed when I tried to create a website for a client of mine. Before I started, I had no idea what colors to use, what fonts to use, and so on.

It was my mistake and, I learned from it. I have to ask or at least send a questionnaire to my client before starting a project to fully understand everything that they want to achieve in their business.

That’s when I realized branding is the key to everything. I started creating brands for my business and other people.

Creating a brand is what I love the most. The idea of creating something that identifies your business from the rest of the competition and making an impact on your dream clients is a great deal.

If you brand your business correctly, people are going to choose your product over your competition because they see your product as the ultimate solution to their problem.

Branding helps in building long term relationship with your customers.

MARKETING, on the other hand, is all about getting new customers through marketing activities like social media presence, advertising, etc.

But, without a brand, your marketing effort will fail tremendously.

Unless if your brand’s philosophy, vision, and mission are incorporated in every part of the business so that the perceptions are aligned around it over time, then all of your marketing efforts will pay off.

Creating a Living Brand helps you to develop a mindset in your business that guides the people working in the company.

I see a lot of coaches and small entrepreneurs just randomly marketing their services without a brand, and it saddens me because I believe in their coaching ability.

I believe they can help a lot of people with problems and struggles, but they are not reaching their dream clients due to poor branding.

If you are serious with your coaching business, or if you have big plans for your business, branding is an important investment that you should not skip. Start planning your brand now or hire a specialist to seek help, of course, that’s me haha.

Kidding aside, if you need my help. Send me a dm, you know my Instagram (@terragraphix), or leave me a message, and let’s level up your business to attract your dream clients and be 10x more profitable.

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Carla Vanessa